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When implementing new features we often gather suggestions from customers, partners and prospects. Now and then we also search the blogosphere for tips and suggestions. As a result we’ve discovered that people have been looking for a nifty little feature we were glad to include. This new feature allows you to see the login audit history of any account you add to Joint Contact.

As seen in the screenshot, when you add accounts into Joint Contact, the date/time of when they were added is listed under the “Last Login” column. If the user hasn’t used their account we display the text of “Never Logged In”. This relatively small feature often has big implications, and is a great feature if you are victim of office politics (like many of us are): As an administrator you can determine:

  • When customers/team members are using their account to access documents and communications.
  • How often they are using their account
  • Which people have still to use their account

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Based on your feedback we’ve been working on redesigning the Joint Contact user interface to support the latest in web 2.0 standards. Some of this include:


  • The ability to navigate to any location in the application with 2 clicks
  • Accessible using Firefox 2.0, Safari, IE 6.0 and 7.0
  • Fully supported under Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
  • Less “cryptic” icons. These have been replaced with more descriptive text and buttons
  • Intuitive “Cancel” functionality
  • Right and top level navigation to replace the traditional treeview


The new cancel functionality now allows you to always go back to the previous window you were viewing. For example, you are searching for a particular item that returned multiple records of different content (e.g. document, a scheduled item or article). Now you can return to the search results from any window by selecting the cancel button.

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Introducing Shared Contacts
Since we provide turnkey solutions for the small to medium business market we often get requests about the providing the ability to share additional information like contact lists. Joint Contact was originally designed as a contact management solution, but quickly evolved into a collaboration solution that allows users to share all types of information across multiple projects. As a result we removed the basic contact management functionality, but have now have added this back into the product.


Now contact lists can be created and shared with your project team just like other types of workspace content. Contact lists can also be created manually or can be imported or exported in popular CSV format. Individual contact records can also be exported directly to Outlook using the popular vCard format.


Benefits of Shared Contacts
Shared contacts are great for when for when you need to list and organize contacts that are indirectly related to your group. For example, your team may be working on a business networking event and may need to have contact information for suppliers deliver goods to your office (e.g. catering etc..).

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